The news on COVID-19 is changing daily, and we are monitoring updates to highlight information that our clients need.

Throughout the country there are recommendations for individuals to practice social distancing, or to isolate in place. If you are able to offer Work from Home options, a policy and guidelines should be in place. Attached is a sample policy and Work at Home Agreement from ThinkHR.

Six San Francisco Bay Area counties have issued orders for residents to shelter-in-place until April 7. Below are the links to information from each county:

Alameda County | Contra Costa County | Marin County

San Francisco County | San Mateo County | Santa Clara County

Other large metropolitan areas also have social distancing requirements. Be sure to keep informed of your local Health Department guidelines regarding the virus. The CDC has a link to these websites:

We are watching the California and Federal legislation in the works that should offer some relief to individuals and businesses. We are also talking with the carriers to see how they are handling benefits for employees whose hours may be impacted by reduction in hours or work furloughs. Your team will be in touch with specifics once the carriers have announced any policy changes.

Your employees should be cautious about scams that are starting to appear that offer some kind of loan relief or “easy money”. They are preying on people’s fears and attempting to obtain personal private information. As always, everyone should be careful about who they share information with, especially online.