Driving Results

J&D Process for delivering results

J&D has a refined process to customize and align every employee benefit project to our clients’ priorities and objectives.


Once brokerage services are awarded to J&D, we will immediately schedule a kick-off meeting with you to discuss your current benefits program, and your objectives/needs moving forward.

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Following our kick-off meeting with you, J&D will follow up with a needs assessment brief that summarizes our initial findings and specifies our next steps and timing.

Depending on your needs, we will also provide any relevant industry benchmarking data during this phase that relates to your program objectives.


Using our marketplace knowledge and research tools, J&D will analyze the contract provisions of your current programs and compare to survey data of groups of similar size and location.

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Using our marketplace knowledge and research tools, J&D will analyze the contract provisions of your current programs and compare to survey data of groups of similar size and location. When deemed necessary, we will also perform a market review on your behalf that is designed to solicit competitive bids from multiple carriers in the industry. This step will be leveraged to either negotiate rates or enhance services with the current carrier, or to ultimately change carriers to achieve the ultimate goal for competitive rates, benefits and superior customer service.

This can also include reviewing plan funding strategies and opportunities to bring more financial control into our clients’ hands. More control often leads to a reduction in the healthcare spend.

Once competitive bids are received by J&D, we will schedule another planning meeting with you to provide an Executive Summary to present our findings and help determine your carrier selections and other plan design changes.

For over 38 years, our four process method enables our team to drive results for our clients’ success.


Once we finalize all carrier and plan design changes with you, J&D will initiate our internal implementation management process to support a smooth transition to the new carrier(s) or to implement new benefits with the current carrier(s).

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J&D monitors all implementation activities of your new carriers, ensuring that nothing “falls through the cracks.”

J&D’s in-house staff will also begin developing the appropriate employee communications materials for you. J&D and the carrier(s) will be responsible for presenting and educating the employees on the new benefits program.

J&D will provide customized materials, as needed. We will make sure your online benefits website and/or enrollment site is updated and audited with the benefit changes and new contributions. J&D will work with your carrier(s) to ensure evidence of coverage booklets and employer contracts are written in accordance to the benefit program sold.

Finally, we will schedule an implementation meeting with your HR staff to discuss billing and eligibility administration to ensure smooth administration of the program.

Ongoing Support

Johnson & Dugan prides itself on consistently delivering and maintaining high standards for our clients and we expect the same standards from our carriers/vendors.

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J&D uses an internal workflow system to ensure your programs’ carriers/vendors are meeting all implementation target dates.

J&D also holds periodic status meetings with you to help ensure your program is running smoothly.

A custom package of HR Guides and related forms is prepared to assist you with the various aspects of HR, in addition to Federal and California State requirements. The form package is provided in electronic format through the Johnson & Dugan HR Portal, which is regularly monitored and updated to provide access to the latest information.

In our partnership with Mineral, you will have access to a robust People Risk Management solution to help you save time and money while reducing risks associated with HR and compliance issues.

Contact us for a detailed review of the process.

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