What is the Wellness Decision Engine?

The Wellness Decision Engine is a data analytics tool that has the claim data from a particular group for the claims that are being paid on their medical plan. They are dropped into a platform that separates and looks at the relationships of the claims and how they fit into one of three silos. Some claims show us chronic issues happening with an individual. Other claims will be more routine in nature and allow us to see the percentage of he employees who are in a more preventive state. It also tells us the percentage of the group who would be considered to be in a healthy status. The Wellness Decision Engine allows us to see the percentages of employees in each of the healthy, preventive and chronic silos. As we promote and engage employees in wellness programs, it allows us to see whether or not the employees slide up or down the continuum in one of those silos. Our goal is to not see a slide of more employees over time going from healthy to preventive to chronic. We want to see either people holding tightly where they are or moving up from chronic to preventive to healthy. When we can see holding patterns or progress, then we know that at the end of the day, we are going to save the group money.