Renewal Lessons from Forward-Thinking Companies

Forward-thinking companies are companies that want to control and organize the employee benefit plan renewal process. They want to start early. They want to define their goals and objectives. They want to stay engaged and educated throughout the year.

Let me give you an example of one approach we use while working with forward-thinking companies on renewals. Companies like to start early with the renewal process. One of the things Johnson & Dugan does at the beginning of the year is send a list of all of our groups to all the carriers to tell them when the groups renew. We also tell them exactly when we want the renewals. By stating when we want the renewals, we are able to get them months in advance, and in some instances six months in advance, on a relatively midsize market group of 140 employees. Typically, midsize groups would get their renewal approximately 90 days in advance. The approach our organization takes enables us able to get it much sooner.

Our benefit is giving our clients a pretty precious resource, which is time. We give them time to look at the information, analyze it and make the best possible decisions so their renewal is not rushed at the end.