Our Approach to Compliance

As a consultant to brokers, we have a very definite opinion about our compliance philosophy. There are all different types of rules and regulations with which our clients are faced. Some examples are Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the Affordable Care Act and plenty of others. To fulfill our job and our clients’ expectations of us as a consultant, we must make sure that we cover and provide the right advice to include the most important parts of these laws without panicking or jumping ahead and having our clients spend money and time worrying about things that do not merit worry. A balanced approach to compliance covering the potential of large liability issues is very important. We have a great resource behind us. We are part of a large group of consultants, United Benefit Advisors, which has Employee Retirement Income Security Act attorneys and other people who are experts in these liability areas on staff. We have a lot of resource material ourselves, but I can honestly say I have looked at a lot of information coming out of law firms and different consulting firms, and United Benefit Advisors puts out great information that clients can use rather than feel scared out of their minds and not know what to do after reading them. We really do not want to put a client in a position where we just handed them a hot potato of 20,000 pages of information that says they should be worried about one thing and another, but we have done our job. Our job is to guide our clients through these compliance issues with practical advice.