Leverage for Midsize Employers

There are a couple of reasons midsize employers feel they have no control over the renewal process. One is the absence of claims data. They really do not know how their claims are running relative to other companies. Another reason is a general lack of expertise and knowledge of the marketplace.

Johnson & Dugan helps small and midsize businesses get better health plan renewals in several ways. We are experts and we know the marketplace. We know all the particular products that the carriers have to offer. We perform a market analysis and we use the competitive data as leverage with the carriers to get better discounts. We have great relationships with the carriers, and having a good relationship allows us to partner with them again to get better renewals. We use packaging discounts. A medical carrier may also offer life insurance, disability coverage, dental and vision, so employers can replace their current carriers, put in the medical carrier options and get a further reduction to the medical rates. It is important to know the products when looking at partially self-funded, value-based plan design. There are many things to consider.