How does Johnson & Dugan impact employee satisfaction with their benefits?

At Johnson & Dugan, we work to impact employee satisfaction in a number of different ways.

We provide employers with complete information on all benefit options and marketing, not only for medical, but also for all lines of coverage like dental, disability, and life insurance. When employers are fully informed, they will be more confident in the decisions that they make.

Then, when the final decisions are made, we ensure that employees are satisfied with the benefits selected. Johnson & Dugan becomes the employee advocate. We help employees understand their benefits and assist with any questions concerning benefits, claims or eligibility. The more the employees understand the benefits, the more satisfied they will be with the benefits and the more they will appreciate the benefit plan.

We provide several packages that allow an employer to creatively communicate with employees, not only during open enrollment, but throughout the year. The communication plans may include a benefit content site, interactive decision tools, and multimedia presentations.
The interactive tools allow employees to evaluate plans on a “what-if” basis. For example, an employee who plans to have five claims in a year can enter that information and the tools will predict what the costs and contributions would be under different plans. The results give employees solid information upon which to make choices. The combination of tools allows employees to better understand the factors involved in making the benefits decisions during open enrollment, and helps ensure that employees will be satisfied with the chosen plans in the upcoming year.