How does Johnson & Dugan become an extension of the HR department?


Representatives at Johnson & Dugan act as an extension of a company’s HR department in a number of ways. First and foremost, we are employee benefits consultants who act as advocates for employees.

We do more than the typical broker when it comes to marketing a plan and presenting renewal rates. We make our services available year-round in order to do more than merely provide marketing and benefit information, updates and trends when it comes time for renewal.

Instead, we are providing access to updates and trend data throughout the course of the year. We keep businesses current concerning carrier renewal rate performance trends during certain times of the year and what kind of new options become available.

Our representatives work to ensure that clients are in compliance with benefit and HR laws, helping to eliminate extra paperwork and any compliance confusion.

Small to mid-sized companies come to us directly to resolve a number of confidential issues with claims or eligibility benefits, and we try to make the renewal process as smooth as possible by guiding organizations through the mazes insurance carriers tend to create.
An employee can come directly to us with any questions, because they understand that we work as an extension of their own HR department. By building a strong alliance with a company’s HR department, we are able to build strong relationships with employees as well. Johnson & Dugan’s involvement makes managing employee benefits solutions that much simpler.

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