Health Care Reform and Baseball

I like to frame things in baseball terms because I have been a baseball coach for a long time. Compared to a baseball game, health care reform that passed in 2010 is in about the third inning. It is only in the very first part of the baseball game. The meat of the game – those middle innings – is approaching. There is a huge amount of regulation and direction that is going to be provided in the next year or two from Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service, which are all coming together to help enforce this law with employers. There is a lot of road to travel. There are a lot of innings or at-bats to still be had, using the baseball reference. As with most things relating to government, I do not know that health care reform is just a 9-inning ball game. I think health care reform has the makings to go extra innings, and in not a very pretty way, I might add.