Will Employees Trade Provider Access for Lower Premiums? | California Employee Benefits

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When it comes to making insurance choices, consumers are open to restrictions in provider access in exchange for lower premiums.  As detailed in our latest white paper, Medical Plan Preferences in an Environment of Choice,” this finding provides insights into the preferences of employees who participate in private health care exchanges.  It also confirms that employees are willing to use in-network providers and referral-based medical plans when provided with a robust choice of plan designs.
The white paper, based on access to tens of thousands of profile responses from employees using Bright Choices® and other Liazon-powered exchanges to select their benefits, explores:

  • The importance of specific in-network doctors and hospitals when selecting medical insurance coverage
  • The degree to which employees are willing to explore in-network or gatekeeper plans, or both, when they are given a range of plan choice and can benefit from the cost savings
  • The degree to which their preferences vary by age and salary level
  • The likely impact of cost considerations on their responses

In particular, the white paper found that:

  • 83% of employees in our data set would be open to a less expensive plan with coverage restricted to in-network providers.

72% of employees in our data set would be open to a less expensive plan that utilized a gatekeeper for referrals.

Download the full white paper today!  And be sure to check out all of Liazon’s white papers and resources to provide you with the knowledge you need to stay competitive as the private exchange landscape heats up.

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